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The most efficient solution for your shop promotions.

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Your Display


You don’t have to dig deep in your pockets and pay hundreds of dollars to have a menu designed for your restaurant, cafe, shop or office. 
We have a solution for your business. TV prices are getting cheaper and more businesses are using digital displays (menus) for their restaurant, cafe, shop or office. All you need is a TV with HDMI input and a media player that allows connecting to the internet no advanced programming is needed.


Startup offer 


Sign up now and get 3 channels for 3 TVs for the price of one channel.

We have streaming solutions for:

  • Restaurant 
  • Lunchroom 
  • Snack bar
  • Retail store 
  • Doctors waiting room 

Get 10% discount now and contact your reseller.

No reseller in your region inform us and get 20% discount for the first year.


Your Display TV gives your business the ability to generate more revenue by upselling and cross­-selling right at the point of sale.